Mark and Cai Wei 09 Jun 2017

Elton was the most proactive of all the five interior designers we met. Even our contract signing, he took the initiative to set up a WhatsApp chat group and began sharing ideas with us even though he was not obligated to. He was definitely the best at space planning and he gave us a shopping list where he listed down the kind of furniture and furnishings we should be looking out, and where we could find them. He also helped us to work out specific details such as how many pieces of lighting to buy and what length of lighting we should be looking out for.

Essentially, he made it very easy for us to find furniture and furnishings that fit our theme.
We like that Elton does not make decisions for us. Instead, he would tell us from his professional viewpoint about the pros and cons of selecting, say, a particular material for us to decide. He was also very patient in giving us time to think about our decisions.

His responsiveness was outstanding. During the renovation period, he got things done efficiently. In fact even after the renovation, he would still attend to our needs and help us to carry out any rectifications that needed to be done.