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At ProjectGuru, our team of professional residential interior designers is dedicated to creating refined and sophisticated home spaces that genuinely reflect our clients' unique personalities. Our interior design projects for landed properties in Singapore are meticulously planned and thoughtfully structured to ensure that every detail is perfect. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we approach each project with an unwavering attention to detail and a passion for excellence. Our design process begins with understanding our clients' vision, lifestyle, and preferences. We then translate these insights into bespoke designs that harmoniously blend aesthetics and functionality.

57 Andrew Terrace
57 Andrew Terrace
57 Andrew Terrace


1 / What is landed interior design?

Renovating landed properties such as terraces, bungalows, or villas presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. With larger land or vertical space, along with features like backyards, gardens, and dedicated garages, these homes embody the 'more is more' concept. This translates to a greater volume of renovation work, a broader design scope, and invariably, a larger budget. Some landed properties are developed by private property developers, while others are custom-built from the ground up. Such projects typically require the expertise of architects and interior designers skilled in managing extensive structural work.

2 / What are the key renovation guidelines and approval processes for landed properties compared to condominiums and HDBs?

1.  Review the URA's Planning and Permission for Development and Building Works guidelines for renovation works that don't require a permit. Note that this excludes conservation buildings and central areas with specific regulations.

2. For renovations not covered in these guidelines, apply via URA's website.

3. Consider engaging a Qualified Person (QP), such as an architect or interior designer, to handle the approval process for you.

3 / What are the key considerations for planning the interior design of a landed house?

When planning interior design for a landed house, key considerations include the property's existing architectural style, the homeowner's lifestyle and the functional requirements of each spac. It's also crucial to consider natural light, the flow between rooms, and the integration of outdoor and indoor spaces. These elements help to create a cohensive, personalized design that enhances the home's beauty and practically.

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