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HDB flat is among the most common forms of residential property in Singapore. While the flat is predesigned to be a suitable living space, many homeowners want to add their personal touch to the property. We at ProjectGuru understand that, as homeowners, we always want our home interior design to resonate with us. Thus, we craft HDB interior design that speaks to the personality of our clients and makes their houses feel more like homes. We love hearing our clients' stories and aspirations in order for us to offer HDB renovation ideas that will suit our clients' tastes and requirements. Designing for a small space or pre-owned home is not new to us either. Thus, you can rest assured that we can do wonders for your HDB resale renovation among other small or big inspires creativity in every home, one interior design at a time.

426 bukit batok west ave 2 #07-125
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426 bukit batok west ave 2 #07-125


1 / What is HDB interior design?

A cornerstone of our local culture, HDB's public housing flats have provided homes for the majority of Singaporeans since the 1960s. These flats come in various types, from 2-room to executive flats, including both older resale units and newly built Build-To-Order (BTO) flats. To remain competitive with condominiums, some HDB developments now also feature unique flat designs, such as lofts.

2 / How do we ensure compliance with HDB regulations while optimizing space and maintaining safety in our renovation designs?

In HDB renovations, we emphasize adherence to HDB regulations, prioritizing safety and space optimization. Our designs tackle the unique challenges of HDB living, such as making the most of limited space, while ensuring that each renovation meets both legal and aesthetic standards.

3 / How do we ensure that each renovation is customized to reflect the unique style and needs of our clients?

Absolutely, customization is at the heart of our process. We work closely with clients to tailor renovations to their individual style and needs. From color schemes to materials and layout, every element is selected to reflect your personal preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized outcome for your home.

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