Condo Interior Designing in Singapore

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Interior Design nowadays has taken a turn for the better; with newer and more modern inspirations coming in every single day, revamping your own personal space has become the beginning of creating great new home experiences. Condo renovation has also become a more cost-effective solution, since condominium life transcends its purpose from just the regular urban living option; it has also become a ground for investment which is why more and more people choose to take the high road.

The Design Phases

Scope Conceptualize Construction Communicate
Setting limitations. Discussion of project details from start to finish. Bringing the plans to life. Seeking client approval and keeping in touch even after project conclusion.

How the Process Goes in Condo Interior Design

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Consultation > Client Confirmation > Project Execution and Management > Project Handover

Consultation: The initial stage entails provision of 2D layout plans which contains the quotation for renovation, and would serve as a guide to the important details needed for project execution such as understanding your interior design and renovation specifics and preferences that are within your budget.

Client Confirmation: The ball starts rolling once a contract is signed. Our interior designers oversee the workflow through floor plans and perspective drawings to ensure they’re in line with client needs, as well as point out potential project constraints for reconsideration.

Project Execution and Management: After the edges have been smoothened out, work is now put in the hands of the Project Manager, where the project is carefully mapped out through a timeline indicating its stages from start to finish.

Project Handover: A 24-month warranty follows, on top of the after-sale services, so our clients can rest assured knowing that we still got them covered long after a project has concluded.

Renovation Guidelines

  • HDB’s written approval needs to be sought out before starting any project.
  • Be informed that even with HDB’s written approval prior to project execution, only certain types of works can be carried out.
  • Failure to secure a permit automatically renders the project to be unauthorised by HDB and can be reinstated to return the flat to its initial condition.
  • Depending on your precinct, specific guidelines may be provided according to your precinct so be sure to review these before executing projects.
  • Apply for a Utilities Account (water and electricity) for your new flat with SP Services Ltd before securing a renovation permit.
  • Renovation items may not need a permit, but they still have specific guidelines that govern their use which you need to adhere to.
  • Approved renovations for the newly completed blocks need to be completed within 3 months from the date stated in the permit.
  • Approved renovations for already existing blocks need to be completed within a month from the date stated in the permit.
  • The allotted time for general renovations start from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM during weekdays and Saturdays. Any renovation cease during Sundays and public holidays. This is to insure minimal disturbances and inconveniences to other residentials.
  • Any part of your renovation that produces the most noise such as demolitions and drilling works can only be done from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays. As such, these need to cease during Sundays and public holidays to minimise inconveniences to residentials nearby.
  • Since HDB is not a mediating entity between you and your contractor, any dispute that arises between you and your contractor has to be settled without referencing HDB.
  • Ensure that the renovation items, measurements, and technical details stated during the project proposals need to be within what is written in the renovation guide; anything that does not reflect in the guide will require approval from HDB before the project starts.
  • Failure to comply with any of the required guidelines, HDB is within their right to revoke your renovation permit, and will also require you to reinstate your flat to its original condition.

Few cost-effective ways to achieve your desired look for your condominium

  • Renovation Loans or Reno Loans are typically used as funds for home renovations in Singapore. These often come in packages or bundles that go with your home loans that can be offered to you by banks in low rates. Reno loans are capped at SGD 50,000 max, which is why contractors and interior designers generally work around this price as their projected budget. While it is inevitable for home renovations to exceed their given budgets, opting to take a personal loan can compensate for the remaining balance.
  • Instead of purchasing the high-end furniture that can eat a chunk off from your budget, one way to attain your desired look without having to spend hundreds or thousands is to ask your contractor or your interior designer to find copies of your ideal furniture, there are tons of alternative options available in the market. But remember to discuss these special requests specifically with your designers; it’s good if you already have pegs prepared for them to know exactly what to find.
  • In addition, what bloats up the prices in your renovation are the materials used. Of course, quality comes with a price, but you can also ask the professionals about alternative materials they can utilise that don’t cost as much as common construction materials do.